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Breckenridge Culture Indicator™ Program: Innovative Certification with e-Learning and Mentoring


The measurement of an organization’s culture is among the most complex and perplexing in the world of consulting and training. Numerous models and researchers have attempted to provide a compelling evaluation of the mechanisms of culture. We have been looking for over a decade for the tool that would be a scientifically sound measurement of the most critical aspects of culture and with the Breckenridge Culture Indicator™ we have the most comprehensive and compelling scientifically-based assessment currently available.

If you work as a consultant on the “culture” of an organization, you know that the culture is made up of the patterns of behaviors—actions and reactions—that affect choices and decisions. Often these behaviors are driven by tacit, unexamined assumptions and beliefs about how to get things done. This leads to conflicts, hidden motivators, and powerful scripts on how to be effective within a given organization. In short, an invisible bureaucracy runs the organization. Based on Mark Bodnarczuk’s new book, Making Invisible Bureaucracy Visible, the goal of the BCI™ is to make this invisible dynamic visible through a sound assessment methodology.

The BCI™ is a psychometrically-validated assessment tool designed to help identify key elements of culture such as:

  • Key Stakeholders (Customers, Owners, Employees, Community, Society, Leadership)
  • Organizational Alignment (Strategic View, Execution, Organizational Climate)
  • Fours Ways of Working™ (Production, Connection, Direction, and Integration)
  • Emotional Messages
  • Organizational Trust index™
  • Financial Impact over Three years

The BCI™ Level 1 Certification can be achieved by registering for this course. When you complete the program, you will have your own individually managed account with the Breckenridge Institute® so you can easily manage your culture assessment projects.

The BCI™ is published by The Breckenridge Institute®, a research center for the study of organizational culture based in Boulder, CO. The Breckenridge Institute® continually collects and analyzes data to insure that you are working with a dynamic and effective tool.

To learn more about culture and Mark Bodnarczuk’s new book, Making Invisible Bureaucracy Visible access this free video: 


  • Can be administered to groups between 10-1,000 people
  • Can include up to 5 organizational levels on charts and radars
  • Can include up to 10 work-groups in charts


  • 10-75 people = $19.95 per person
  • 75-250 people = $17.95 per person
  • 250-500 people = $14.95 per person
  • 500-1,000 people = $12.95 per person
  • 1,000+ people = $10.95 per person.

Business Applications

  • Changes in Leadership and Management
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development (an alternative to 360s)
  • Reorganizations
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Organizational Growth
  • Declining or Plateaued Organizational Performance

Certification Requirements

The minimum requirement for administering the BCI™ is a degree in business, psychology, or other relevant discipline and completion of this course.

Program Elements

(a) Register and complete the BCI™ web modules which cover the theory, report structure, ethical challenges, and interpretation tactics.

(b) Following the submission of your “Knowledge Evaluation” you will be assigned an approved consultant and trainer who will work with you on a case study and with your first assessment. The focus will be on interpretation of the tool.

(c) Successfully complete your mentoring with our approved facilitators.

From this program, you will receive:

  • The most thorough and comprehensive orientation to organizational culture available
  • Electronic application files that provide tools for effective use of the report
  • An administration of the tool for one BCI™ project
  • Access to the Breckenridge Institute® continuing education program and supporting materials

Download a copy of the BCI™ Individual Report

Tuition: (Register Now)

$1725*. Fees include training web modules, all study materials, and your mentoring session with your expert facilitator.

*Please note that the above price includes standard shipping costs of the supporting materials in the United States. If your order requires shipment of the materials internationally, you will be charged the tuition cost above plus the international shipping costs.

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Green ProgramThis is one of our "Green Programs"! You won't create a large carbon footprint when you complete this certification. Your modules, webinar, and mentoring occur on-line or on the phone, eliminating significant travel and travel-related costs. All documents may be reviewed onscreen so you only print what you choose to print. Register Now

Cancellation Policy:

There are no refunds. Once you register, our system allows immediate access to proprietary materials.

Special client-site arrangements:

Organizations with a number of individuals seeking to complete a certification program may find it more cost effective to arrange a two-day, client-site program. Client-site programs are often customized to your desired development outcomes and/or linkages to other tools, strategies, and goals.

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