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About the Workshop > Using Psychological Type for A New Age: A Two Day Workshop

Using Psychological Type for A New Age: A Two Day Workshop

Have you ever wanted to look at the deep psychological motivations within each type? For example, ENTPs want to be fully competent and cutting edge at the same time. This tension is a central thread in the energy ENTPs demonstrate and is a path to tapping into the needs of type development. Each of the sixteen types have profoundly distinct and central aspects to their type dynamic.

Have you wanted to get to the root of using psychological type to elevate type development, learning agility, and individual effectiveness? For example, each type pursues comfort, avoids pain, and finds the efficient path that works with the particular psychology for each type. This is accessible and useful to understand for each type — especially if you are a coach.

Have you considered that each psychological type is a psychological culture embedded with reinforcing energy loops? One of the reasons that ISTJs consistently score highest on Self-Control is related to the energy loops that the individual seeks to manage and which require extraordinary efforts at Self-Control. This knowledge is useful when helping individuals understand how their type keeps repeating various patterns — good and not so useful ones — and what each type needs to address to use the this energy constructively.

I am planning to do this workshop with a small number of individuals — six to eight participants. My goal is provide a focused exploration of the deep structures of psychological type and the practices associated with applying type concepts in development related experiences such as coaching, team or leadership development facilitation.

Each participant will receive:

  • Unique Guidebook developed just for this intensive workshop.
  • Roger Pearman's Notes on Development for Each of the Sixteen Types.
  • YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type and associated application guide.
  • Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness
  • Introduction to Type and Emotional Intelligence
  • MBTIŽ Step II Report
  • TEAMOSITYŽ Application (an iPad Application)
  • HardWired Leadership

Date: November 6 and 7, 2014

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina (250 Executive Park Blvd, Suite 106)

Tuition: $1200

Contact us for details: 336 774-0330 or