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Breckenridge Type Indicator™

BTI™ Assessment

The BTI™ is a psychometrically-validated assessment tool designed to help identify key elements of managers’ and staff members’ personality using the nine personality types of the Breckenridge Enneagram™. The Breckenridge Enneagram™ integrates the original work of Claudio Naranjo; Maslow’s psychology and Hierarchy of needs; the See-Do-Get Process®; and a rigorous approach to psychometric analysis and empirical research. The Breckenridge Enneagram™ is set apart from other approaches to the Enneagram by its focus on a naturalistic, scientific view of personality and psychological processes that are linked to modern advances in the neurosciences.

The BTI is available for individual and relationship (BRI) reports and has two report levels - basic and full.

The BTI and BRI Basic Reports do not require certification and can be purchased by clicking here:

The BTI Full Report does require certification to access which you can do by registering for this course. This will also qualify you to purchase the BRI Full Report. The full report provides extensive detail regarding the nine types and three somatic instincts measured by this tool.

The scores on all nine positions provide insight into primary growth areas and key strengths. The positions reflect primary motives of behavior related to head, heart, and action-oriented psychological patterns. The Breckenridge Type Indicator™ (BTI), also provides feedback on somatic patterns, a reflection of the distribution of physical/biological energies in interpersonal interactions.

The BTI demonstrates high test-restest and internal consistency reliability measures. In addition, it possesses solid discriminant validity across scales.

The BTI is published by The Breckenridge Institute®, a research center for the study of organizational culture based in Boulder, CO. The Breckenridge Institute® continually collects and analyzes data to insure that you are working with a dynamic and effective tool.

Our BTI Certification & Effectiveness Programs

Breckenridge Type Indicator Certification Program