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NOTE: This schedule does not include custom client site programs.

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Each course is an e-learning experience complete with modules, application materials, and cases or scenarios to enhance your learning. In some cases, our e-learning courses involve mentoring by one of our expert coaches. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive applications, resources, and "best practices" in the industry.

Using the MBTI® to Enhance Emotional Intelligence NEW!
This e-learning course is for any user of the MBTI® tool who wants to explore how to use type with EQ concepts in training, coaching, and consulting.

MBTI ® Step II Applications
MBTI® Step II Applications training delivered completely online! (Approved 10 CE Credits for MBTI® Master Practioner Credential Program.)

MBTI ® Step II Interpretation
MBTI® Step II Interpretation delivers all the elements of MBTI® Step II Applications, plus supporting technical materials, development resources, and an interpretation session with a coach using your own MBTI® Step II report. (Approved 10 CE Credits for MBTI® Master Practioner Credential Program.)

Using Assessments in Selection
Understand the legal and pragmatic issues in using assessments in selection and promotions.

Effective Coaching Strategies

We invite you to participate in a special learning community for type and emotional intelligence. Visit our weblog (blog) at Our hope is provide a wide-open environment in which to host ongoing discussion relative to assessment and development through the eyes and ears of development professionals, consultants, trainers, coaches, and others--newcomers and veterans alike.