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Choices Architect®® offers this Lominger-licensed product only as a client-site program. This is a restricted Lominger product and must be contracted for within an organization.

CHOICES ARCHITECT® is a research-based 360 tool designed to help you measure learning agility. Research has shown that what separates the best from the rest is learning agility—the ability to be resourceful in the face of change. Identifying “learning agile” employees within your organization will help you effectively implement succession planning and development efforts critical for the long-term success of your organization.

The qualifying program is designed to allow you to learn the key competencies for using this assessment strategy. You will cover topics such as the meaning of the scales, instrument reliability, validity, and interpretation of the 360 multi-rater reports. Attend a two-day application and interpretation workshop to learn best practice strategies in order to achieve certification.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Use your CHOICES Architect® guidebooks and supporting materials
  • Explore "best practices" in applying the CHOICES Architect® tool and card sorts
  • Integrate the CHOICES Architect® into your development and succession plans.

What You Will Cover:

  • Workshop: applications, presentation, and interpretation strategies. You will practice an interview protocol, explore ways to apply the tool in selection, and consider best ethical care practices.
  • Post workshop: bulletin board to post questions, free community learning forums.

A quick note about the CHOCES Architect®:

Lominger developed the CHOICES Architect® to aid organizations in selecting the most likely candidates for promotions. Based on Lominger research on learning agility, the CHOICES Architect® is focused on a specific organization's needs.

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  • CHOICES Architect® manual
  • Interpretation Guides
  • Your own CHOICES® reports
  • CHOICES Architect® cards and card sorting materials


Per contract and is inclusive of all study materials, manuals and booklets, and participation in the workshop.