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About the Programs > The Interview Architect® Certifying Program

The Interview Architect® Certifying Program® offers this Lominger licensed program as customer site only. This is a restricted Lominger product and must be contracted for within an organization.

Lominger's INTERVIEW ARCHITECT® suite offers quality of hire and speed of process with flexible tools that allow you to choose interview questions for the competencies you are selecting for. With talent as the differentiator in today's global marketplace, interview for the competitive-edge competencies that will grant your organization a talent advantage.

This qualifying program is designed to allow you to learn the key techniques for using the Interview Architect®. You will cover topics such as the selection of competencies and associated questions for assessing how developed these competencies may be for a candidate, and you will learn methods for assessing learning potential.

This is a two-day application certification workshop to learn best practice strategies.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Use your Interview Architect® guidebooks and supporting materials
  • Explore "best practices" in applying the Interview Architect®
  • Discover how to use the Interview Architect® to assess learning potential

What You Will Cover:

  • Workshop: applications, presentation, and interpretation strategies. You will practice an interview protocol, explore ways to apply the tool in selection, and consider best ethical care practices.
  • Post workshop: bulletin board to post questions, free community learning forums.

A quick note about the Interview Architect®:

Lominger developed the Interview Architect® to aid organizations in selecting the most likely candidates. Based on the Lominger competency library of 67 behaviors correlated with performance, the Interview Architect® is focused on a specific organization's needs.

Contact us for more information: or call 336.774.0330


  • Interview Architect® manual
  • Interview Guides
  • Book on interviewing techniques
  • Interview Architect® Express flip/question charts


Per contract and is inclusive of all study materials, manuals and booklets, and participation in the workshop.