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Conflict Dynamics Profile® Online Qualifying Program

Conflict — We have a solution to make conflict productive!

Conflict is present in all organizations and in all relationships. Conflict holds the potential to promote innovation, increase new perspectives, and enrich relationships. Yet, most people are believe their managers are awful at conflict resolution, and most people feel that conflict has unhappy outcomes.

Those who manage conflict processes well are among the most effective. Fortunately, you can learn which strategies product constructive comes and which produce negative outcomes. You can learn the key behaviors that enable you to make conflict a useful and constructive process. But you first need to know what your typical strategy is and how active or passive that strategy is in order to identify the best path toward conflict-constructive interactions.

Researchers at Eckerd College decided to watch and observe 1000s of managers and explore how they manage conflict and the answers are integrated in the Conflict Dynamics Profile tool. You can get a self-report that compares your results to managers or a multi-rater report where you learn how others experience your conflict management style.

Even if you don't want training on how to deliver the Conflict Dynamics Profile to your colleagues or associates, we can train you on the concepts and strategies. So we offer two services: (1) qualifying to use the CDP tool or (2) high impact leadership training on conflict management techniques built on the same research base as the tool.

To explore on aspect of the CDP model, click here to take the Hot Buttons quiz now.

Download the following key documents (Adobe PDF format):

Conflict Dynamics Profile® Online Qualifying Program

Our program will certify you to purchase, administer, and interpret the CDP instrument. As a part of our program, you will learn applications for applying the CDP with:

  • individual coaching
  • teams
  • leadership development training

The experience provides you with application activities and strategies to aid your use of the instrument. Our goal is to give you more than the "what" — we also give you the "how" of using the instrument.

Managing conflict constructively is an urgent leadership development need — consider these recently collected data by the Center for Creative Leadership in a large survey of managers and leaders.

To the question "How would you rate the importance of learning to constructively deal with conflict?" the survey responses were:

How would you rate the importance of learning to constructively deal with conflict?

To the question "How frequently do managers deal with conflict?" the survey responses were:

How frequently do managers deal with conflict?

To the question "With whom is the most difficult conflict?" the survey responses were:

With whom is the most difficult conflict?

A comprehensive study of conflict and conflict management strategies produced the CDP instrument. The research focused on what managers actually do when dealing with conflict, and what the outcomes are when different strategies are employed. This background work makes the CDP a premier tool for assisting managers with developing more effective behaviors in conflict situations.

For individuals to become qualified to purchase the CDP, you are asked to complete our online web modules on instrument construction, theory, and interpretation. You will then work one-on-one with a trainer to complete the qualifying program.

Special Client-Site Arrangements:® specializes in certification training for groups of practitioners, whether internal to a single organization or external, affiliated professionals seeking expert training on “gold standard” tools. Following web-based pre-work (8-12 hrs), client-site participants will attend a two-day Application and Interpretation Workshop to learn ethical, best practice administration for the CDP.

Expect to cover the following topics when working through the modules:

  • research based theory covering active and passive behaviors that are constructive or destructive during conflict
  • conflict dynamics through the stages of conflict
  • the role of "hot buttons" in triggering conflict
  • use of developmental feedback from rater comments
  • multi-rater scoring systems and their usefulness in leadership development
  • interpretation methods and strategies for the CDP
  • effective approaches for reviewing a CDP report

Expect to become engaged during the workshop with the following topics:

  • your personal CDP profile report
  • an interpretation session with colleagues
  • case studies for interpretation
  • methods for using the CDP in coaching
  • methods for using the CDP with groups, especially teams
  • activities for use in leadership development training
  • interpretation issues with multi-raters and special issues with utilizing the CDP

Our goal is to equip you with the necessary tools and experiences to make the most effective use of the CDP instrument.

With this qualifying program, many materials are embedded in the modules as downloads for you as a participant. Additional materials will be distributed at the workshop.

Contact our office at if you would like a sample copy of the CDP report.

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