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Talent Management and Talent Development White Papers

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Human Resource Assessments with Intention

Article focus: Understanding the proper use of tests, rating instruments, assessments, and human resource development inventories when coaching or training leaders.

Topics covered: assessment tools, personality tests & assessments, development inventories, evaluating psychological tools, appropriate psychological inventories, psychologically sound assessments

Emotional Intelligence & Personality Type
Clearer Perceptions and Sounder Judgments: The Core Elements of Emotional Effectiveness

Article focus: The linkage between aspects of emotional intelligence (EQ & EI) and personality patterns are reviewed.

Topics covered: Emotional Intelligence - EI, emotional effectiveness, interpersonal relationships, EQ-i 2.0 ®, CPI 260 ®, MBTI ®, Human Resource Development, Emotional Quotient - EQ, EQ Test

Jung & Myers Personality Type
The Attitude of the Third Function

Article focus: Examines the role of the third mental function in personality type dynamics and development.

Topics covered: Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Types, Type Development, Leadership Coaching, Isabel Myers Model of Personality Type, Myers Briggs Personality Test, MBTI, Personality Assessment, Mental Functions and Type Dynamics

Personality Type Assessment Tools
The MBTI and Three Other Inventories Of Personality Type

Article focus: A comparison of characteristics and features of four available instruments to measure or sort personality type — the MBTI ®, Golden Personality Type Profiler, Psychological Type Indicator, and Majors Personality Type Inventory

Topics covered: Personality Type instruments, Measures of psychological type, Jungian type, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, Golden Personality Type Profiler, Majors Personality Type Inventory, Psychological Type Indicator