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Value Added Traditional Training
Access to materials

Immediate access to web modules upon registration

Wait for shipments, have additional overnight charges, or wait until workshop
Support while learning Post bulletin board questions, arrange a chat room session, Email/speak with an expert No support available prior to the workshop. Show up with a load of questions
Targeted learning

Work through the level of web material relevant to your needs. Focus on "need to know"

Linear notebook presentations and reading of technical manuals
Workshop Focus

Interpretation and application strategies and practice, linkages, review of development resources

Technical lecture and basics of use
Learning Feedback

Self-tests with immediate feedback in web modules


Technical manual(s) and more development-oriented publications than any other assessment training firm

Technical manual(s) and typically one proprietary publication(exception: Lominger provides a full suite of products)
Tuition Inclusive of

Web pre-work supported by experts, discussion groups and chat rooms, on-site training, manuals, booklets, and free learning community

On-site workshop and notebook; additional fees often charged for manuals and booklets
Overall Costs

One- to three-day time and travel expense savings through blended approach; inclusive nature of tuition

Full three- to five-day commitment and travel expense, materials, and special shipment fees