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Each course is an e-learning experience complete with modules, application materials, and cases or scenarios to enhance your learning. In some cases, our e-learning courses involve mentoring by one of our expert coaches. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive applications, resources, and "best practices" in the industry.

MBTI® Master Practitioner e-learning Courses

MBTI® Masterclass - Applying Personality Type in Coaching, Leadership Development Team Development

  • Become masterful at applying personality type as a coach, trainer, and consultant.  This course gives you key strategies for making type work for you!
  • 24/7 access to materials and modules
  • 15 CE Credits

Type is Soul Deep: Webinar Series

  • Explore the ongoing strengths and developing issues of each of the types over the lifespan of development
  • The course registration covers ten 90-minute webinar classroom sessions, which can be viewed any time after the live broadcast
  • 25 CE Credits for all webinars

Using the MBTI® for Hard Wired Leaders

  • Everyone is hard wired with eight type functions—to increase your leader effectiveness we need to learn to use them
  • 24/7 access to materials and modules
  • 10 CE Credits

Step II Applications

  • Step II provides insights into type development and within-type differences—learn how to apply Step II with each of the sixteen types
  • 24/7 access to materials and modules
  • 10 CE Credits

Step II Interpretation

E-learning content includes 22 online learning modules and 20 downloads and

  • Your own Step II Interpretive report
  • A one-hour interpretation session with a coach
  • An MBTI® Step II Technical Manual
  • Understanding Your Step II Results
  • YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI® Type

MBTI® Master Practitioner certification CE credits: 15

Consider increasing your use of type for yourself and clients by having a Type 360® Multi-rater administered to gain a full range of understanding the impact of your type behavior on others and registering for the free certification program.  Contact our office (336-774-0330 or  to arrange the administration and interpretation of your Type 360.  Administration and Interpretation is $200. Read more and download a sample at Type 360 (

You can become qualified to use Type 360® free by following the registration information at Type 360 (

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