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Founder's Vision: Transformational Learning® is unique in providing a full range of assessment tools to insure effective talent development and talent management. Our competitive advantage is both training a comprehensive portfolio of tools and showing how to integrate these tools into your goals and objectives.

Award-winning researcher and writer, Dr. Roger R. Pearman, created a company to meet the diverse qualifying and certifying needs of the professional community. Based on the research in adult learning, Dr. Pearman developed a format that blends web modules, chatroom interactions, and bulletin board information with a dynamic classroom learning event. Dr. Pearman wrote that "Our goal is to have every professional leave our programs with a profound sense of the importance of his or her work, and with specific "how tos" in the use of the scientifically sound tools we support."

Service Vision: Instrumental in Individual and Organizational Development

We are about you and your need to be more confident, competent, and cost-wise as a development professional.

Our qualifying and certifying programs will boost your:

confidence by -

  • enabling you to deliver the most scientifically sound assessment models, tools, and methods;
  • teaching effective and proven techniques to promote knowledge transfer;
  • teaming with you to provide program design and delivery.

competency at -

  • linking comprehensive models and tools as an assessment for development professional;
  • applying assessment for development for leadership training, coaching, team facilitation, customer relationships, organizational learning, and personal effectiveness;
  • knowing the what, the how of best practice, and most effective resources for development.

cost-wise by -

  • saving valuable time and budget dollars through the use of blended learning;
  • creating ROI through appropriate assessment for development that aligns strategy with goals of the organization;
  • increasing efficiency by bridging theory to practice.

Welcome to our site and program! We believe you are exploring one of the most effective ways to enhance your competencies and bring value added dimensions to your services as a professional.

Unlike any traditional training experience, we:

  • Provide you access to instructors through bulletin boards and chat room coaching prior to the class room experience.
  • Boost your confidence with three months of support following the classroom experience.
  • Enrich your skill with application and interpretation training with a professional who has been using the instruments for many years.
  • Empower you to learn at your pace.

In other words, to assure that your learning experience is of the same caliber as the instruments, we have created an integrated learning system that combines all the benefits of web interactions and classroom learning.

Criteria for instruments® designs programs to provide busy professionals with an opportunity to pursue excellent training on the proven tools for leadership development, coaching, and team training. We think of the instruments and development methods we support as the "Gold Standard" of the industry. To support this assertion, the instruments and tools we train are selected because they have:

  • Substantial and credible validity and reliability studies
  • Immediate applications to everyday business needs
  • A sound theory and a focus on development of the individual

The tools which have met these standards are the MBTI®, Strong Interest Inventory®, CPI 260®, FIRO-B®, VOICES®, EQ-i 2.0 ®, EQ 360,® Type 360®, TAIS®, Conflict Dynamics Profile®, and the ideaDynamics suite of tools.

These tools cover personality types, personality traits, personality patterns, emotional intelligence, leadership development, self-awareness, team development, and other important organizational and individual development needs.

Our passion
Qualifying.Org® is founded on the mission of promoting the appropriate use of instruments that support individual and organizational development.

To these ends, Qualifying.Org® requires the instruments for which training programs are offered to have a base supported by extensive research and grounded in the ethical guidelines of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Tests.

Further, through the use of innovative content delivery and support processes that the Internet provides, and the use of classroom training, we seek to achieve our goals to educate and inform professionals regarding the use of psychological tools.

We are pleased to have you join us, especially in our free learning network.

Our ongoing commitment to research and publication on best practices can be seen with recent articles by the Founder of®. Click below: