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Certification, Qualification, and Eligibility To Purchase

What every customer wants!!

Your goal is to become eligible to purchase and use tools like the BarOn EQ-i®, Golden Personality Type Profiler® and many more.

There are several pathways to achieve that goal.

Publishers like MHS, Inc. sponsor certification events so individuals can become eligible to purchase and use tools they publish.

A process that allows you to purchase tools from many publishers (including MHS and Pearson) is to complete an approved course of study.

The difference? Cost and Content.

The Wake Forest University Tests, Measurements, and Interpretation course we provide is an e-learning course that gives you maximum learning flexibility and focus at a fraction of the total cost (travel, etc.) of "certification" programs. Further, all of our programs are based on 30 years of application experience — we focus on best practice not theory or fun and games.

What is Certification?

Publishers, professional societies, and organizations provide various "certification" programs in the hopes of differentiating products. For example, we ( will be providing a Global Talent Consultant Certification™ in 2010 which covers many instruments and methods for facilitating development in coaching, teams, and leadership development.

The Bottom Line is Being Eligible to Purchase

As a professional user of tools, you can achieve access and ongoing training through multiple avenues, so do not let scare tactics keep you away. Use the learning system that works best for you and achieves your legitimate ends of being eligible to purchase the tools you want for the services you provide.

Please contact us if you have any questions at 336-774-0330 or