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3 New Publications: Emotions Booklets

6 February 2008

We are excited to announce the publication and release of three development resources for the understanding and constructive use of emotions!

In the world of individual and organizational development we focus on self-awareness, performance, and personal and interpersonal effectiveness and it is rare to have these conversations without the concept of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, or EQ, becoming a big part of the mix.

Roger Pearman has authored :

  • "Understanding Emotions"
  • "Emotions and Leadership"
  • "Emotions and Health" (Mar 08 release)

These booklets provide simple self-assessments and practical, actionable information which allows us to develop strategies to become more aware, effective, and hopefully, healthier.

We have found these publications to be easily integrated to our development and coaching work with individuals and groups, especially where EQ is being assessed and/or discussed.

These publications are now available through our online bookstore!

Visit and click on "Bookstore".

As promised, we have more resources and assessments in development and will announce availability as these practical, user-level resources become available. A special thanks to the many who completed our recent survey related to your resource needs.

Visit our site to view dates for upcoming workshops, especially for the BarOn EQ-I and EQ 360.

Keep asking great questions!! All our best,

The QOI Staff