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MBTI® Step II Online Release

27 July 2007

Well into our 7th year of delivering blended learning qualifying and certifying programs for assessment tools, we are pleased to announce that we have entered the e-learning marketplace with the first in a number of online courses to support your learning and development, and that of your clients.


Two options for MBTI(R) Step II study:

1. MBTI(R) Step II Applications $79.00

22 Online learning modules and 20 web downloads are available for learners to drill down into the power and richness of Step II. This is a comprehensive look at this instrument and includes strategies for administration and development.

2. MBTI(R) Step II Interpretation $399.00

Receive all the elements of MBTI(R) Step II Applications and these additional services and products:

  • Your own MBTI(R) Step II Profile Report.
  • A one-hour interpretation of your personal report with an expert coach.
  • A Step II Technical Manual, and these development materials:
  • YOU: Being More Effective in Your MBTI(R) Type
  • Understanding Your Step II Results

NO Travel. NO days away. NO scheduling conflicts.

Learners have a full 90 days to complete their online study. Just click!

Visit to read more and to register today.

We look forward to "seeing" you online!

The QOI Staff