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Contract Award: Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response (CDC) Release

13 June 2007

We've promised to share ideas about applying the tools for which you've sought training. Here's a good one!

Our parent company, Leadership Performance Systems, has been awarded a contract by the CDC to underpin their pilot Team Leader Certificate program in the area of Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response. This is critically important work for which we are thrilled to play a part.

Our approach: We know that leadership is all about effectively displaying mission-critical competencies, moderated by healthy self-awareness, and in alignment with what matters for the situation.

We will administer the MBTI, CPI 260, TAIS and StressMap to generate a rich set of data for each leader. We will have self-report data from which we will guide each leader to craft strategies to increase effectiveness based on heightened self-awareness, attentional patterns relative to focus and distraction, leadership behaviors, and performance under pressure.

We'll utilize additional development resources, such as Introduction to Type and Emotional Intelligence, and FYI, to provide practical strategies for these leaders to first test out, and then deploy, in their efforts to successfully lead teams of CDC First Responders.

We have high hopes that we ALL will benefit from helping this group become great leaders.

Ask us how we might craft a strategy for your use of multiple tools and methods in meeting a tough challenge.

The QOI Staff