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Is your business in one of the following situations?

  • Fundamental changes occurring in the industry (a major technology shift, large acquisition, financial crisis).
  • Dominant focus on cost reduction, process improvement and efficiencies that will promote earnings growth.
  • Dominant focus on sales, marketing, and product development that will promote revenue growth.
  • Incremental change with a focus on general management to address basic changes in the market.

For the situations above, have you identified the appropriate strategies and leadership capabilities?

Is there a competency profile of the management team that is appropriate to your business context?

Is the assessment for development aspect of leadership training appropriate to the business strategy?

Are the tools being used based on thorough social science?

Our tools can help you find solutions that will align your management capabilities to your business strategy.

Our tools can help you with developing capacity for:

  • Succession planning
  • Leadership development
  • Capability enhancing programs
  • Maximizing learning agility
  • Execution effectiveness
  • Innovation planning
  • Performance culture development
  • Customer relationship management

Examples of our services:

Business assessment Profiling the competencies currently in place and those needed for execution of your business strategy.
Manager assessment Given the competency profile needed for executing the business plan, managers complete a suite of tools inclusive of a multi-rater tool, personality and performance tools, and observations.
Program design Based on all data collection, recommendations are prepared to facilitate learning strategies to align capability with strategy. These may include:
  • Selection and recruitment protocols
  • Coaching
  • Customer workshops
  • Job assignments
  • Mentorship
ROI Evaluation Evaluation strategies to measure returns on effort.

Lominger Alliance Partner

As an Allinace Partner with Lominger International, we provide a comprehensive consulting service that links your talent management and succession planning activities with appropriate assessments and methods. We make sure the link between behavior and performance promote development and financial outcomes. See a full description on the site of our holding company, Leadership Performance Systems, Inc.

For details contact us: (336) 774-0330 or